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the dive team

Tasik Divers Bali

The dive team

About Us

It took several years to find the right location, “The place that has it all”, a fascinating culture, friendly people, breathtaking landscapes and not to forget some of the most spectacular diving on earth.

We have been traveling, living and diving a wide variety of environments, with the aim finding the destination that offers “more than just diving”. Working with diving industry leaders for the last 10 years has given us the expertise and know-how in creating high quality diving holidays.

With Tasik Divers Bali, an uncompromising blend of professionalism and personal touch makes our guests feel special at all times.

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The Team

  • PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer since 2006
  • Worked in: North Sulawesi & Bali
  • Logged Dives: 8000+
  • Experience: One of the best guides on earth, has notable experience in teaching from beginner to experienced divers
  • Profile: Loves to make fun, very patient, extremely good eye sight
  • Likes: Macro life, reef muck and schooling fish
  • Dislikes: People breaking coral
  • Wants to: Manage and we are working on it!
Enrico (Chox)
  • PADI Dive Master
  • Worked in: North Sulawesi & Bali
  • Logged Dives: 2000+
  • Experience: being a cousin of Melky, he too is an excellent dive guide, his experience and love for diving, makes it hard for us to keep him out of the water, an excellent spotter who loves hanging out in the blue.
  • Profile: a bit shy but once you get to know him “serious fun”, likes to make a joke or two
  • Likes: Pelagic (dreams about seeing a hammerhead) and all what crawls on the ground.
  • Dislikes: Environmentally unfriendly Divers
  • Wants to: become Instructor
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